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Virtual TWAM:    
Zoom into Florida’s Spanish past
  • Be the first to hear colorful characters from the Spanish Siglo de Oro speak English.

  • Be an ear-witness, as Florida actors polish gems from the world’s greatest trove of theater treasures.

  • Be an active participant in choosing plays for TWAM to perform.

  • TWAM Virtual brings you face to face (via Zoom) with new translations of world-class plays from the Spanish Golden Age – back when Florida was part an empire connecting Europe to both Americas and on to the Philippines.

  • In these high-energy, quick-time, interactively staged readings, you’ll hear eye-opening first-person perspectives from the past on global issues that still shape our lives today – issues like how fake news goes viral, how individual liberty bends the rules imposed for community safety, and how male coexists with female.

  • You’ll get a chance to hear scripts making their debut in English, pose questions for the actors, make suggestions to the translators, and help TWAM dream up ways for putting new plays on stage and taking them on the road.

  • It’s a golden opportunity to turn social distancing into historical adventuring.  Join us!

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