COMING SOON: Auditions for Loco for Love, a classic telenovela in 5 parts!

Loco for Love




Cervantes    author of Don Quixote & creator of Cardenio

                        lyrical storyteller, magician with words, wounded in the left arm/hand

                        passionate about exploring how love can power social mobility


 Shakespeare         author of Hamlet & first playwright to adapt Cardenio for the stage

                                    dynamic man of theater, writes female roles for boys or men

                                    convinced that history repeatedly shows how fathers know best


Referees      combination WWE ringmaster/mistress and pro-wrestling ref

                        skilled in crowd control, commanding attention & whipping up response

                        steps into the action to play roles that bridge between worlds


Cardenio     young man from a rich/noble background

                        sincerely in love with Luscinda (his fiancée) and Fernando (his best friend)

                        goes crazy for love when Fernando steals Luscinda

                                    in Cervantes’ version, a poet with a penchant for elegy

                                    in Shakespeare’s version, a courtier ready to defend his rights


Luscinda     young woman from next door (the neighborhood is noble/affluent)

                        sincerely in love with Cardenio and sincerely repelled by Fernando

                        faints at the altar when Fernando and her family force her into a wedding

                                    in Cervantes’ version, handy with a pen and transparently pure

                                    in Shakespeare’s version, coy with Cardenio & frigid with Fernando


Fernando    second son of the Duke who rules the realm

                        endowed with a supersized sense of privilege

                        enjoys making conquests

                                    in Cervantes’ version, pits his will v. the world until love steps in

                                    in Shakespeare’s version, acts v. his conscience until dad redeems


Dorotea        farmer’s daughter, literate, self-aware, and wealthy

                        socially Fernando’s inferior, morally his superior

                        marries Fernando in secret, and tracks him down when he ditches her

                                    in Cervantes’ version, a talented boundary-crosser

                                    in Shakespeare’s version, bends gender and pines for stability


special skills sought


memorizing Spanish

combat (esp. hand-to-hand) / dancing

managing multiple roles

playing musical instruments

structured improvisation

singing (esp. in harmony)

speaking verse

quick change / costuming

Using this form, please tell us your name, where you can be reached, and a little bit about yourself.

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